Martial Arts Programs Available In Flower Mound

Kids Taekwondo

Through our Kids Taekwondo program, we're helping students from all over our community build unwavering confidence, learn to be bullyproof, and gain access to friends and mentors that can greatly impact their lives. Whether you're here in Flower Mound or in Highland Village or Lewisville, join us for amazing kids martial arts classes!

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Krav Maga

In an increasingly dangerous world, it's important to understand how to defend yourself and your loved ones. Krav Maga teaches real-world self-defense skills, helps you develop speed and power, and teaches you critical techniques such as how to disarm an attacker.

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Teen Taekwondo

Begin your teen's fitness journey at Flower Mound Taekwondo! Through our Teen Taekwondo classes, we're helping middle school-aged students from around our community build confidence, connect with new friends and mentors, and learn the fundamentals of self-defense. Kickstart your journey today in Flower Mound!

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Adult Martial Arts

Through Taekwondo, we're helping men and women from all over Flower Mound develop total-body strength, unparalleled flexibility, and a complete sense of confidence. Sign up for Adult Martial Arts Classes and get a unique, exciting fitness experience starting today!

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Summer Camp

Check out our Summer Camp programs at Flower Mound Taekwondo and see how we can help take the stress out of your summer. Your child will get professional supervision from top-quality instructors and stay moving, have fun, and be engaged by a variety of games, activities, and traditional martial arts training!

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